Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will help you understand how FlyGateVPN Software (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us" or "our"), when you use our services (the "Services"), will Processing of your personal information.

FlyGateVPN is committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to know what information FlyGateVPN does and does not collect and how we collect, use and store it. FlyGateVPN does not collect logs of your activity, including not logging browsing history, data content or DNS query records. FlyGateVPN also never stores connection logs, which means that we do not log your IP addresses, connection timestamps, or session length logs.

FlyGateVPN only collects the minimum data needed to operate the service. We have designed our system to contain no sensitive data about our users. FlyGateVPN may update this privacy agreement from time to time. We also welcome any thoughts and feedback on this privacy agreement.

I. Personal Information Collection

As a provider of online privacy services, we are ultimately committed to collecting the minimum amount of information necessary to operate the services of our software. FlyGateVPN will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and due diligence. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Agreement, FlyGateVPN will not disclose this information to the public or provide it to third parties without your prior permission.

1. What is personal information?

As described below, "personal information" means any information that identifies you, including information that you provide when you use our services. If we use or store personal information that is not personal information, we will treat that combination as personal information.

2. Account User Data

When you create or update a FlyGateVPN user account, we will collect and store this "account data". The following is a complete list of stored account data.

(1) Phone number: general communication, user account number

(2) Phone confirmation: to confirm that your phone number is valid

3. Operational Data

In order to maintain excellent customer support and service quality, FlyGateVPN collects and stores only the "operational data" needed to operate our service. This is the data that FlyGateVPN collects and stores when you connect to our network. The following is a complete list of operational data.

(1) Operating System Versions, Applications and Application Versions

FlyGateVPN collects information about the operating system you are using and the applications and application versions you have activated. By knowing which operating system and application version you are currently using, our customer support team can help you resolve technical issues.

(2) Connection Information

We collect information about whether you have successfully established a connection on a specific date (not a specific time of day), to which software location (this location is not the output IP address that will eventually be assigned to you) and from which country/ISP (not your source IP address). This information helps us to provide technical support, such as identifying connection problems, providing advice on how best to use the FlyGateVPN service for specific countries, regions and enabling FlyGateVPN engineers to identify and fix network problems.

(3) Total data transferred (in MB)

We collect information about the total amount of data transfers you consume. Knowing how much data a user is using is a key metric for FlyGateVPN. It allows us to know if users are using FlyGateVPN, if they have reached their free data limit, if the service is working properly, and also helps us to plan network requirements. However, choosing a usage metric that respects your privacy can be a daunting task. We believe that collecting the total amount of data used by users during the month is the right balance. We also ensure that no historical records are kept by resetting the total monthly usage value to zero at the end of each month. We believe that collecting data usage totals is a sign of respect for the privacy of individual users, while still providing FlyGateVPN with the most important data to run our service efficiently.

(4) Summary

We collect minimal usage statistics to maintain the quality of our service. We have designed our system to explicitly eliminate the storage of sensitive data. We may know that our customers use FlyGateVPN, but we do not know how they use our service. FlyGateVPN does not own any data related to users' online activities, thus ensuring a strong commitment to customer privacy.